Oil tanker sinking caribbean

Environmentalist groups sounded the alarm this week over a stricken Venezuelan oil tanker in the Caribbean carrying 1. After being stranded for nearly two years at sea, the tanker has now fallen into a state of disrepair and is tilting dangerously to the side, leading to concerns that it may sink.

Venezuelan authorities had prevented foreign countries from inspecting the ship until this Tuesday, when a team from Trinidad and Tobago were finally granted access to assess the situation. Last week, the U. The United States remains concerned by the potential risk to safety and environment posed by the Venezuelan-flagged vessel, Nabarima, in the Gulf of Paria. It is not the first time that the Venezuelan regime has presided over a potential environmental disaster.

The Maduro regime has refused to comment on the incident. Based on the data we have now reviewed along with an AIS playback, we have good reason to believe that a cargo vessel departing from LaGuairaVenezuela has spilled its fuel oil following a possible failure.

Oil Tanker FSO Nabarima Sinking in Caribbean Sea.

Vessel is currently broadcasting "not under command". Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.Indirectly, it may affect fisherfolk who are licensed to operate in surrounding waters off the coast of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

While there are no reports of any spills or discharges, there are concerns that if its contents do become discharged into the Gulf of Paria, it can become a major disaster that affects Caribbean countries. The CDC will continue to liaise with its local, regional and international counterparts to ensure the situation is adequately monitored and that no threats are posed to Guyana. Fishing and sea-going vessels are urged to continue being on the lookout for any sighting of oil spills and to report immediately to MARAD Georgetown Lighthouse on telephone number In early September, the company said the unit had been stabilized and a water leak resolved.

Stricken Venezuelan oil tanker raises fears of Caribbean ecological disaster

In a new statement today, Eni was careful to highlight the US and Venezuelan authorization. The company will be able to proceed only after approval of its plan by PdVSA majority shareholder and operator in Petrosucre and upon formal assurance by the competent US authorities that the mentioned activities bring no sanctions risk either for Eni and its contractors.

The Gulf of Paria separates Trinidad from Venezuela by 16km 9. Trinidadian environmental groups have accused Port of Spain of foot-dragging, exposing the area to a potential environmental catastrophe. Its anchor chains are taut, under extreme pressure. Caracas agreed to allow an inspection at the end of September, but changed this to 20 October, the ministry has said. A team of Trinidad experts is now preparing to inspect the vessel.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. The St Kitts Nevis Observer. File Photo: The listing Nabarima has been at anchor here for years with oil in its tanks.Concerns are growing that an oil tanker carrying millions of gallons of oil could spill its load into the sea between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, causing an ecological catastrophe.

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oil tanker sinking caribbean

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Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the President and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is saying we have to also presume this U.

Read on for his warning, and how he says you should protect yourself—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus. You may also like. Native American tribe slams Biden administration over secretarial order on oil leases: 'Direct attack on our economy'.Concerns are growing that an oil tanker carrying millions of gallons of oil could spill its load into the sea between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, causing an ecological catastrophe.

Trinidadian officials were not immediately available for comment. The Nabarima is carrying 1. With up to 80 million gallons of oil, a spill from the vessel could cause an ecological disaster: In the Exxon Valdex spill ofone of the worst oil spills recorded, 11 million gallons were released covering an area twice the size of Rhode Island. Venezuela has previously said the vessel is safe, but environment activists and politicians say new pictures show it is tilting at an increased rate.

Trinidadian environmental group Fishermen and Friends of the Seawhich represents 50, people in the local fishing industry, has called for a national emergency. The group visited the ship by boat on Friday and posted a video showing Nabarima tilting and suspended by anchor chains.

Gary Aboud, the group's corporate secretary, said in the video: "If something goes on, if we have bad weather, there are a number of circumstances that could causes the vessel to flood, and then we have no recourse. PDVSA could not be immediately reached for comment.

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NBC News approached Eni for comment. Download the NBC News app for the latest top stories. The U. Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago raised its concerns over the vessel in a statement Fridaywarning that a spill "could negatively impact not only the Venezuelan people but also those in nearby countries.

Venezuela has previously denied any problems with Nabarima. In September, the offshore executive director for Venezuela's state oil company, Pedro Figuera, said on Twitter that the Nabarima "complied with environmental and operational standards. He later dismissed reports that the ship was unsafe as "lies" and said it met the required standards "despite the alleged information from pseudo experts on social networks. IE 11 is not supported.

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To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A stranded oil tanker many feared was on the verge of spilling 1. The precarious situation of the Venezuela-flagged oil tanker, the FSO Nabarima, has concerned environmental activists and governments around the world for months. That essentially left the tanker to rot, fueling fears the oil on board might eventually spill into the waters below. And if it did, the entire marine environment of the Caribbean and the Trinidad and Tobago fishing industry could be in danger.

After receiving no response, the group started a social media campaign and gave interviews to local news outlets. In September, the New York Times reported that the Nabarima was at risk of sinking due to poor maintenance. After noticing the ship was titled at a degree angle, Aboud called for swift action in a YouTube video that quickly gained global attention, including that of prominent environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

That would constitute a different distribution, and the oil moves differently as well. Teelucksingh suggested the government of Trinidad and Tobago get an accurate model up and running to gain a better sense of what an oil spill would actually look like. Further, booms — floating curtains made of plastic or other materials that serve as barriers to contain oil — could be used to encircle the vessel before it sinks, he said.

Being prepared for a potential massive oil spill, no matter how little the risk, is vital. The toxicity from an oil spill can kill many species due to a lack of oxygen. Since the entire Caribbean Sea could be severely harmed, impacting coastal communities and tourism, they say the problem is one the entire region needs to solve together — now. The fate of the FSO Nabarima and its remaining oil have yet to be determined. But one thing is for sure: The potential for danger remains while the ship holds oil in the Gulf of Paria.

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oil tanker sinking caribbean

Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Courtesy of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea A stranded oil tanker many feared was on the verge of spilling 1. How the stranded vessel became a matter of international concern Concern for the status of the Nabarima began accelerating in mid-August.

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oil tanker sinking caribbean

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Today Marine Ecosystems \u0026 Livelihoods At Risk If Venezuelan Oil Tanker Sinks 2020

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