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Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren have been sparking rumors for quite a while now, but it looks like they're finally ready to make things official.

After hanging out together for several months, fans have been wondering whether or not the To All the Boys I've Loved Before star and Dancing with the Stars competitor are dating and it looks like they're confirming things once and for all. Noah Centineo fans freaked out over his recent Instagram story showing off his haircut, but it's actually a response to Alexis' Instagram from earlier in the day where she asked, "where's my maaahhh babyyyy?

He later posted a video of him scaring Alexis as she scrolls through her phone and her reaction couldn't have been better. It's official now. Congratulations AlexisRenG and noahcent alexisren noahcentineo pic.


While they haven't officially confirmed their relationship, it seems like they're finally ready to take things publicly. They were first seen together in April in Vancouver, where Noah was filming the To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequels and they snapped some photos with some lucky fans.

Since then, Alexis has been reportedly hanging out with Noah and his friends and the two of them even had a cute beach day in Malibu. Sorry internet, it looks like everyone's favorite boyfriend has found someone else. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren posted about each other on their Instagram pages.

The couple have been sparking romance rumors for several months after being seen together in Vancouver. They were seen together several times over the past couple of months. This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. This content is imported from Instagram. View this post on Instagram.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Celeb Couples.Choi Min-kibetter known by his stage name Renis a South Korean singer and actor. Ren was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. He has an older brother, Choi Minseok. He went to the audition held by Pledis Entertainment when he was in ninth grade and was quickly recuited afterwards. Ren attended Korea Art School and graduated in He is currently attending Inja University.

Prior to debut, Ren made numerous appearances in their labelmates' music releases as a member of Pledis Boys. He was a backup dancer in After School Blue's Wonder Boy and appeared in their label's Christmas release Love Letter, along with releasing their own music video for the song.

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Ren and Minhyun had been gaining attention since their debut because of their heights and appearances. Along with his singing career, he has made appearances in several dramas.

InRen played lead roles in the Japanese film, Their Distance. He started off being placed in group D due in the first episode. However, he was demoted to rank F after the weak re-evaluation performance. In the first live-audience challenge, group battle, Ren covered SHINee's Replay and got the highest vote among his team. He ranked 19 in the first elimination. In the position-based challenge, he teamed up with Baekho and covered Black Pink's "Playing with Fire".

He ranked 19 in the second round of elimination.

NU'EST ARen (Aron & Ren)

He ranked 24 in the third round of elimination. In the last challenge, debut song evaluation, along with JR, Baekho and his team, he performed the song "Super Hot". He finished the competition ranking Many consider Ren as a progressive icon for his role in breaking gender-conforming standards, as he has stated before that clothing does not define a person.He used to share a room with Minhyun and now he shares one with JR.

Note: Please do not repost our content to other places on the web. Thank you! How much do you like Ren? He's my ultimate bias He's my bias in Nu'est He's one of my favorite Nu'est members, but not my bias I think he's okay I think he's overrated Results Poll Options are limited because JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Do you know more facts about him? Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. He's my ultimate bias He's my bias in Nu'est He's one of my favorite Nu'est members, but not my bias I think he's okay I think he's overrated.

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Find out more.They have a total of five members:. Second is Aron, who came from the United States and loves his fans too much. He is the eldest member born inand he can rap, sing, and dance. Then we have Baekho also known as Kang Dong Hoan impressive vocalist with an initially intimidating appearance. Fourth is the princely visual, Hwang Min Hyun. He has a quiet and reserved persona that often leads others to think he is cold at first.

But his caring personality shines through after he gets closer to whoever he is with. The last member is the mischievous maknaeRen or Choi Min Ki. All of the members, except Aron, were born in ! He is incredibly sassy and firm in his opinions, making fans fall for his alluring confidence. In the end, it is easy to see where they got the inspiration for their fandom name L. Their old outfits, their group logo, fancafe, and even their photo shoot backdrops are all sporting this bright, retro shade.

On numerous occasions, the members admitted that they knew most of their fandom had left them behind and that they felt like giving up. Thankfully, the five of them have stuck together despite everything!

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Kim Jong Hyun especially carried the burden, as he felt it was always his responsibility as the leader. Their old albums have been selling out, and many of their tracks have been rising on Korean music charts! He was previously spotted visiting the Sewol Ferry Memorial in memory of the tragedy that occurred on April 16, In an era where people find freedom and happiness in looking however they want, many individuals are still pressured to fit the expectations of those around them.

Min Ki enjoys the liberty of appearing however he pleases without allowing his masculinity to be threatened. He recently modeled for a Chinese clothing brand that makes gender-neutral clothes.

This brand stresses how fashion and clothes can be used to make an impression, whether a person is male or female. Min Hyun and Min Ki are the two members who have done the most acting, and they often impress others with their talent.

The five of them have been together for so long that they seem like a family. There is never a better time to post embarrassing videos of your friends than when they make comedic mistakes during dance practice! Hopefully, L. Es can count on seeing the five of them being so dorky that they end up laughing together again!

She can be found dancing or writing articles, and lyrics most of the time. Check out her monochrome Instagram account here. Latest Trending Popular Breaking. Community Forums Apps Viki. Here are a few things you should know about this group!

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They have a total of five members: aleeae. Soompi Spotlight. Choi Min Ki. How does this article make you feel?Even if you have partially cashed out, the remaining stake will be refunded if it ends 0-0. If you're one for accumulators, this offer might be for you. If you place any successful accumulators with a minimum of two or more selections, you will be given a bonus in addition to your returns. This offer applies to tennis, although there is a similar accumulator for football - the only difference being that you need to have three or more selections as a minimum.

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NU'EST's Ren opens up an Instagram account

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We can also dive into a particular story: Most people exited our video marketing stats story at the first photo so perhaps we could work on the headline for the next story.

What does your Instagram Stories data tell you. Is there a type of stories that tends to do better than the rest. Is there a common point when most of your followers exit your stories. Since Instagram allows only one link (in the bio), marketers would usually have a call-to-action (CTA) in their Instagram posts to direct followers to the link in their bio. You could change your CTA on a weekly basis and see if the number of website clicks increases.

nuest ren instagram official

As a refresher, website clicks are the number of taps on the link in your bio. Alternatively, you could use Bitly or similar link shorteners with tracking capabilities for the link in your bio to track the number of clicks. With the wealth of data available to us marketers through the numerous Instagram analytics tools, we can be more data-driven with our Instagram marketing than ever before. Combined with our understanding of our followers, these Instagram insights can enable us to create more valuable and engaging content for our audience.

How have you been measuring your Instagram metrics. How have you been using your Instagram insights to improve your Instagram marketing. I swim, cycle, and run a lot. It is incredibly exhaustive. Analytics is always a hard nut to crack, and you never know every details. Have you ever tried Metricool. Metricool is a social media analytics tool. Let me know if we can help tracking your Instagram performance or building your social media insights reports.

Thank you for including Union Metrics free Instagram account checkup in this especially sharing your results. I just signed up for a few more analytics platforms based on your suggestions. There were times when I chanced upon an old Instagram post and the link in bio was no longer the one mentioned in that post (as it had been updated).

nuest ren instagram official

So this is great. Thanks for sharing this tool.

NU'EST: Ren♡

Curious if a spreadsheet might work for this. Another area for analytics and insights with Instagram (maybe future article. The Instagram API is somewhat limited in the the type of insights data available. For example, Instagram does not provide reach or any type of date dimension for its API data.

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Data via the API is effectively lifetime metrics. Anyone other than Instagram providing detailed daily metrics is deriving activity, not explicity pulling activity for a specific date from the API. Hopefully Instagram will be updating the API to provide more explicit insights data. Something closer to what Facebook does for page insights would be great. Clearly that data exists somewhere within Instagram because as you point out Instagram Business Analytics UI provides information that is not currently available via API.

Thanks for introducing me to those tools. The information about the Instagram API is really interesting. I had no clue about that. Yeah, hopefully Instagram will include more data in its API in the future (or come up with a desktop dashboard).The preferential ballot somehow is just taylor made for passion choices.

Where academy voters appreciate a well made, economical budgeted film. The film you feel bad about not voting for. Call Me By Your Name 3. The Shape of WaterLead Actor 1. Margot RobbieSupporting Actor 1. Richard JenkinsSupporting Actress 1. Kristen Scott Thomas 4. Octavia SpencerBest Director 1. Guillermo Del Toro 3. Greta GerwigThe huge contenders this year are Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, and Call Me By Your Name.

After his comments about the Hollywood Foreign Press, will Gary Oldman win the Golden Globe.

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Or even be nominated. I can see a that happening. But I honestly think it will not affect his chances at the other important awards and the Oscars. After his comments about Hollywood Foreign Press, will Gary Oldman win the Golden Globe.

I can see that happening. Can someone explain to me the Holly Hunter thing. I thought Hunter was a real delight and worthy of a nomination.

An Oscar win, though, perhaps not. For the finest in film reviews and awards analysis, please visit me at The Awards Connection. More will be added soon. What foreign language film will. Bird Was Regina King snubbed for "Ray". OscarsAreStupid 2017 Globes de Cristal nominations for Best Film, Best Actress and Best Actor FreemanGriffin Best and Worst Number 1 songs 2017 smurty11 2017 Los Angeles Film Critics Assocation Awards Predictions pacinofan National Board of Review Winners (2017) Album of the Year Richard Aniston Best Pop Solo Performance Madson Melo Who is the Best Picture Front-Runner.

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nuest ren instagram official

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