Jazz jackrabbit 2 the secret files

With the original Doom getting a new episode a little while ago, I thought Jazz Jackrabbit 2 deserved one as well, so why not make it myself? The Even More Secret Files is a pretty vanilla episode, made in JCS using some of the best tilesets created over the years, trying to create a feeling of an actual JJ2 expansion. All music by Alexander Brandon, free downloadable songs of his I was able to find online. A big thanks to Violet CLM for being willing to playtest and provide feedback.

Fairly lengthy, nice level design, nice eyecandy. Give it a try. I played through this pack a number of times while testing it, as it gradually shed the details I found most onerous, so it kind of made sense to wait a while and give myself a comparatively fresh perspective before reviewing it. However, six months was perhaps too long. Oh well. Reviewing big packs like this always forces the choice between writing separate minireviews for every level in a row vs.

New gimmicks and challenges keep being presented throughout. Did you? You need to log in to post comments on this download. We have a Privacy Policy. Music by Alexander Brandon. Character artwork by Etceterist. Testing by Violet CLM. Hope you enjoy!

Tags You must log in to tag this file! Quick Reviews Average: 8. Rocks almost always follow the template in the official Jungle levels: you get chased down a horizontal passage and eventually outrun it. Here you climb up the area firstnot sure why it looks how it does, then the rock appears and you clamber back down again, faster than it, and let it land in a pit of spikes below. Level 1 had mazes of tree branches, level 2 has lots of little platforms all across the face of a giant building.

Already this episode is using its layouts to emphasize the unique features of each tileset, rather than treat them as interchangeable collections of textures. The water pool area. JJ2 levels and platformer levels in general are often illogical messes when viewed at a macro level, with structures only existing in individual places.

A forest could easily be on top of a castle. Not so much here. The levels in this episode tend to have very distinct areas, one after another, with some semblance of internal continuity as well.

jazz jackrabbit 2 the secret files

Look at the file preview for this level, though, and you can see, yeah, there are a bunch of buildings with reasonable shapes, next to each other, with mazes drawn inside of them for the actual navigation. The constant straight line nature of these particular mazes is sometimes too obvious, but the flow of enemies and pickups keeps things fresh.

The variety of enemies and pickups. If anything, this level should be fairly easy, because dying in it necessarily loses the player so much progress.

Download Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - The Secret Files

The fireballs. This is an obvious pick as the level very much has exactly two prominent features both inspired directly by the choice of tileset : the fireball sequences, and the maze of colored keys and locks.

JJ2 levels rarely feature a lot of flying, and when they do, you can see the level makers trying hard to figure out how to possibly make the experience difficult… spike balls, maybe? Most things are still pretty unique here, like the swinging platforms with the nice pickups in case you fall downbut not the airboards.Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a platform game produced by Epic MegaGames.

It was released in for PCs running Windowsand later for Macintosh computers. Like the first game, Jazz JackrabbitJazz Jackrabbit 2 is a side-scrolling platform game but features additional multiplayer options, including the ability to play over a LAN or the Internet. On November 30, it was re-released on GOG. Jazz chases his nemesis Devan Shell through time, in order to retrieve the ring with which he planned to wed Eva.

Just like its predecessor Jazz JackrabbitJazz Jackrabbit 2 is a 2D side-scroller that incorporates elements of shooting and platforming. The player must venture through a series of levels populated with enemies and environmental hazards that may hinder the player's progress.

The goal is to reach the level's exit, usually indicated by an exit sign, whilst overcoming obstacles and hazards through the use of running and jumping as well as removing enemies and obstructions through the use of shooting and stomping. The player is given a selection of characters to choose from, namely, Jazz, Spaz, and in the subsequent expansions, Lori. Each character has certain traits that are exclusive to them.

During the course of the game the player can encounter additional power-ups such as upgrades to their character's health, or the effects and damage of their weapon. Also scattered throughout levels are coins that the player can pick up and use as a currency for when the player encounters the merchant.

jazz jackrabbit 2 the secret files

If the player has collected enough coins throughout the level the merchant will teleport the player to a secret location in the level that is usually filled with power-ups and other goodies for the player to collect. Players can participate in multiplayer. The game's Splitscreen mode supports up to 4 players, whereas online can support up to Multiplayer features several game modes, mainly cooperativedeathmatchcapture the Flag.

It was accidentally confirmed on August 24, by Arjan Brussee. The level editor was not included in the Mac versions or shareware editions.

Released on April 10,[8] this is a promotional shareware game. It featured three single-player levels and two multiplayer levels.

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It was released to promote the game. Unlike the previous holiday editions, this game is commercial rather than shareware. It includes three single-player levels as well as a new boss and additional multiplayer levels. This game introduces Jazz's sister Lori as another playable character. When Lori dies, her face is immolated and she falls over.

This episode consists of three different zones, each one with three levels. Released inthis is a shareware game to promote The Secret Files.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2/The Secret Files

It is identical to the standard shareware version, but it includes the ability to play as Lori, as well as two new single-player levels in addition to the standard shareware version's levels. This Christmas edition is an enhanced version of Holiday Hare '98featuring Lori as a playable character.

It was going to be released on November 25, for the PCacross Europe. However, the publisher, Project Two Interactive, went bankrupt before the release date. It was eventually released in Poland by LK Avalon. A limited European release followed shortly after. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 received positive reviews. MacADDICT ' s reviewer John Lee praised the Mac version's fluent gameplay, but criticised it for not adding anything new to the genre, which he considered "old fashioned".

In the United States, the game sold 29, copies by October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.A truly guilty pleasure, Jazz 2 has an incredibly rich feature set for a platformer.

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The game delivers eight full episodes, encompassing both the original and subsequent bonus packs, each with multiple levels, plus a convenient split-screen mode, LAN and even internet play a first for the genre. Rather, navigating through the world and finding everything there is to find is where the real challenge lies.

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 – The Secret Files

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - The Secret Files: 04. Ghostly Antics (1998) [WINDOWS]

Internet sites such as care.Support forum. Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files. Game short review. Main genre of this old game is action.

We gave this game stunning rating of 88 and you can download it for free right here. If I say green, crazy, running and hopping hare, many will surely now think about the famous computer character - Jazz Jackrabitt and they would guessed who am I thinking about. The game Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files is an extension to the second game from and it adds one more episode. In this game, you might choose to play as one of three characters: of course, there is Jazz Jackrabbit and there is also his brother Spaz and Lori, his lost sister.

The story is classic, it's about kidnapping a almost the same as in the game from Jazz was about to het married to his longtime girlfriend Eva Earlong, but his arch-enemy, turtle Devan Shell, stole the wedding ring, captured Eva's mom and you, together with your brother imprisoned in the dungeon.

The goal is clear: together with your brother, you must escape from prison, recover the precious jewel and save your future mother-in-law who would do that, right? You can play as Lori too and there numbers of different routes in every level you can take.

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Please let us know how we could make it easier for you. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a 2D run-and-gun platformer where you control a 3-foot-tall, anthropomorphic green hare. The game has often been likened to Sonic the Hedgehog with guns. This "plot," though, is mostly an excuse to run around creatively designed levels and shoot tortoises. The Secret Files episode is good fun. Levels are packed with alternate routes and secrets that increase replayability, but also capture the feeling of the original levels.

This episode is the highlight of the new content. I wish the same could be said about Lori. While she is a fun character to play, I was hoping that Lori would add some new abilities to the game. Her lack of an extra high jump ability is also irritating. In general, Lori feels like she was hastily crammed into the game without even being playtested.

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The music of the game is simply awesome. Every tune gets stuck in your head while blasting your way through levels, and I could sit and listen to the main-menu music for quite some time. Please give whatever you can to help us.

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jazz jackrabbit 2 the secret files

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