Hamisu lamido iyantama family

Post a comment. Hamisu Lamido Iyan-Tama, the famous Hausa actor and producer jailed for three months by a magistrate court in Kano, was released from prison on Monday.

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He had been jailed for allegedly releasing a feature film without government approval and running a filmmaking company without registration. In an open letter to the Governor of Kano State, published in this column two days after Iyan-Tama was sent to prison, I pointed out that the two charges were false and a concoction of the Kano State Censorship Board which has been waging a war of attrition against Hausa filmmakers and authors, based on a dubious claim of cleansing them of all immoralities.

In that piece, I called on His Excellency, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, to, as a matter of utmost urgency, investigate that act of gargantuan injustice and enter a no-case submission in the appeal Iyan-Tama filed at a Kano High Court, paving the way to the freeing of the actor. A government functionary told me a day later that Malam as the governor is widely known had read my letter.

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But Iyan-Tama was left to languish in prison for almost three months until Wednesday last week when the government did exactly what I and many other folk beseeched it to do: file a no-case submission.

Obviously, the governor has shown a soft heart here, but the wheel of justice in Kano, as it is everywhere else in Nigeria, is very slow. For during his incarceration, Iyan-Tama was made to suffer a lot of indignity, including a psychological warfare waged against him by the Kano State Censorship Board headed by Malam Abubakar Rabo Abdulkarim. The Director-General of the board, Rabo, whose stock in trade is a blitzkrieg of propaganda against movie practitioners, embarked on media interviews in which he justified what he clearly knew to be a travesty of justice against Iyan-Tama; he knew quite well that the plot to deal with Iyan-Tama was conceived, hatched and executed by him and a few of his cohorts, and his wish was granted by the magistrate who had proved in more ways than one that he was a willing tool to be used against anyone connected to the movie industry.

The family had to flee the house in the morning. Be that as it may, Iyan-Tama is now half-free. He was let out of prison this week, following a prayer to the High Court by the Kano State Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice that the court should grant him bail and order for a retrial of the case.

According to the Attorney-General, Barrister Aliyu Umar, the first trial was besmirched by irregularities. Due process was not followed in the trial that led to the conviction, he said. It is obvious that the trial was not completed before judgement was delivered but there and then the presiding magistrate went ahead and delivered a judgement.

The learned commissioner would not have made this submission flippantly, without carefully examining the facts of the case that played itself out in the magistrate court.

hamisu lamido iyantama family

And as a government official charged with superintending the legal field in Kano State, he must have endeavoured to discharge his duties with utmost responsibility.

Governor Shekarau deserves commendation for the confession by his government that Iyan-Tama was unjustly imprisoned. By questioning the competence of Ahmed, going to the extent of asking the high court to reassign the case to another magistratehe has clearly shown that the judge was not qualified to sit over all such cases.

In this situation, does Ahmed merit serving as a judge in the service of the Kano State Government, having committed an injustice that can be successfully argued even by a baby lawyer to be a travesty of justice?So far, about 19 filmmakers were to undertake the courses, which were earlier scheduled to hold between August 25 and September 20, but will now hold between September 29 and October 25, Sidi Ishaq, Umar Sani Labaran, Falalu Dorayi, Mikhail Bin Hassan, Muhammad Ali Nuhu and Aminu Mohammed Sabo — all expressed their gratitude to the coordinators of the project and promised to take up more of such opportunities in order to bolster their passion towards telling the story of Kannywood successfully.

In Kannywood, Hamisu Lamido Iyantama is King

Most of the beneficiaries were too sceptical to comment on the issue, as a result of the many delays which have accompanied its take-off. One of them who spoke but refused to give his name disclosed that the project was slated to in February this year, but a gross lack of coordination ensured it did not take off. According to them, almost all the beneficiaries are largely from Kano, with a representative each from Niger and Kaduna states.

For him, this is a clear indicator that those involved in the selection process do not intend to carry along all stakeholders in the north. We were, also, not told, until now that you called to give me an avenue to air my view on the matter.

However, Jos is one of the central points of filmmaking,not only in the north, but in the nation. A Kaduna-based filmmaker, Yakubu Lere, equally expressed his dismay over the mode of selection of participants. He also wondered why Kaduna State is not represented. According to him, as the second most popular centre of Kannywood, the state is supposed to get quite a number of representatives.

hamisu lamido iyantama family

I heard about Ali Nuhu going for a certain course in India through a family source, but not as a representative from Project ActNollywood Fund. After Kano, Kaduna and Jos are leading centres of film-related matters in the north. We also have considerable number of stakeholders in Katsina, Sokoto, Niger and others states in the region.

Disputing the alleged favouritism on selecting the beneficiaries, the national vice-president of Arewa Filmmakers Association of Nigeria, AFAN, Salisu Mohammed, said his organisation did a thorough study on the selection process, adding that all northern states were fully represented. It will interest you to know that, initially, individuals were meant to apply, but the AFAN acts as an intermediary between the project coordinators and the practitioners without any prejudice.

Previous page Next page. Bashir Abdullahi A Kaduna-based filmmaker, Yakubu Lere, equally expressed his dismay over the mode of selection of participants. Published on Oct 3, Go explore.Hamisu is a recognisable face in the movie industry in northern Nigeria.

He is popular and ranks top on the list of veterans of Kannywood who have carved a niche for themselves. Born in Kano in the mid 60s, Hamisu, who had his early education at Dantata Memorial Primary School in Kano, revealled that acting came to him naturally and it was during the period of his early education that he caught the bug. So, I grew up acting and my teachers would always tell me that I am a natural actor.

A self-made actor, who combines acting with scripting and superintending productions, Hamisu grew up with a healthy appetite for watching movies and wanting to be part of any project or scheme that would promote and uplift the Hausa language, tradition and the totality of the way of life of the Hausa people. And he later found Kannywood a veritable ground to further his passion.

It also opened my eyes to the vast opportunities in Kannywood. We started that after I set up the company with equipments I sourced from Lagos and Dubai. Author of a book on movie production, titled Sirin FIlm A Saukake Secrets of Film made EasyHamisu, who at a time dabbled into politics and indeed contested for the governorship on the ticket of the Action Democratic Party ADP in the general elections, does not regret joining the turf, saying it has provided him the opportunity to live his dreams.

After six years Kano film maker Iyantama returns with a bang

It has been awesome. I am happy in it and would remain in it. I will keep making films. Warm, jovial and interesting personality, Hamisu said he is easily attracted to intelligent, progressive, honest, God-fearing people and those who would guide him on the right part unreservedly. I enjoyed working and still enjoy working with supportive people, such as Bashir Mudi and then Hafizu Bello, who directed all my new movies, about seven in all.

Hafizu is good. He is a trained filmmaker and has directed so many blockbusters. Asked his career ambition, Hamisu stated one of his goals is to ensure that the offerings of Kannywood compete favourably with the offerings of other industries. He also pledged his commitment to contribute his quota to the development of Kannywood and by extension, the Nigerian movie industry. I want to contribute to the improvement of the storyline of our movies and also to be more involved in the marketing and distribution of our movies.

So, we at Iyan-Tama Multimedia, are targeting the cinema and market, not just here in the north, but in countries like Chad, Niger and Cameroun.

Hamisu Lamido Iyantama

We make good movies and we have talents in our industry. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced. By Shaibu Husseini. In this article: Hamisu Lamido Iyantama Kannywood.Link - U.

Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria. Your Excellency, I am deeply concerned at the news that. Iyan tama has been arrested If this is true, it appears to be a harsh and unjust punishment. I appeal to you on humanitarian grounds, and in furtherance of the principle of freedom of expression enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to review this case with a view to releasing Aminu Bash Lagos Nigeria. In view of the information available to me concerning this case, May I take the liberty of drawing to your attention the specific violations of the Declaration apparently involved in her case.

His arrest under the regulations for the Suppression of Rebellion constitutes a violation The only reason which has been given for the arrest of It therefore appears that Motivated solely by respect for human rights, I appeal to you to intervene personally in this case to secure the immediate release of I write to appeal to you, on humanitarian grounds, to release Yours truly, Amira Adam Congo.

Kano State government please focus on governance and uplifting the people of Kano state. This political vendetta is unacceptable. If you do not stop harassing Iyantama and trampling on his human rights we shall commence legal action in the International courts. Be assured that the moment any key Kano state official travels to the United states or Europe we will make them answer for this human rights violation. International Human Rights Defence. As a kano state indigene, I fell very sad that some one like Iyantama who has done a lot to promote Hausa-Fulani culture and tradition through his 25 highly acclaimed films is being denied his rights and liberty.

Can you imagine being held against your will in of all places Kano Central prison for making a ground breaking movie that promotes unity and peaceful co-existence among people. This movies has worn numerous national and international awards and makes me proud to be from Kano State.

Iyantama has done nothing wrong. Zuwaira Usman. I want to appeal to the Emir of Kano, who we all respect and love to intervene. Mallam Sanusi. NA kalla film tsints allah wannan film zai kawo hadin kai a nigeria domin kowane kabila yaji dadi da wannan film froducer mun gode maka idan irin wannan film za aringayi to daga yazu na koma kallon filmdin hausa.

hamisu lamido iyantama family

Inayiwa Alhaji hamisu iyan tama jaje don gane da abin da yasameshi da akasa rabo ex na censos board kano yayi masa sharri aka tsareshi agidan kaso har kwana biyar wannan abu da akayi cin mutuncine ga duk ilhirin jama ar kano dubamin hanya. I write to show solidarity to Iyantama in his ordeal with Kano State government. As a writer and film producer I consider Mr.Iyan-Tama Multimedia is a reputable limited liability company run by a team of communication professionals.

Registerd with CAC in as enterprises and incoporated a private company under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree of the Federal Republic of Nigeria inIyan-Tama Multimedia carries out the production of feature films, documentaries, commercial jingles, and public relations consultancy services Training of Actors and Actreses.

The company has produced some of the most popular videos in the market, including several videos to promote public awareness on health and the negative impact of forced marriages, illiteracy, drug abuse, religious and ethnic conflicts and other anti-social behaviors.

Iyan-Tama Multimedia Limited has played key roles and contributed immensely in the development of the Kannywood movie industry. Notable contributions of the company to the development of Hausa filmmaking include its procurement of modern equipment to boost the level of quality of the movies. Other achievements recorded by Iyan-Tama Multimedia include; the publication of the, now rested, entertainment magazine, Tauraruwa, production of several meaningful films that appeal to all categories of viewers and the first company to establish a digital sound studio in the Kannywood industry.

The company was also the first to be sponsored by diplomatic initiative Tsintsiya, and the first Kannywood film production company to have its film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and Croatian film festival inIt is also the company with the highest number of awards in its kitty in the whole of the industry.

Clientele: Some of our clients include independent film producers, state governments and diplomatic missions. User Tools Login. Site Tools. Table of Contents Hamisu Lamido Iyantama. Facebook Profile. Facebook Page. My stay in prison was a blessing- Iyantama, SundayTrust. Dajin So. Tsintsiya The Broom.Apple focused more on sound quality than its smart features in the unveiling of the HomePod, which is an interesting take on things but perhaps we'll discover more about Siri's role in the new device as we approach its release date.

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hamisu lamido iyantama family

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